User Experience & Interface

Remember when facebook introduced “Timeline”? That is a classic example of bad user experience. No one knew how to use the new interface, it wasn’t simple to get around and it had a huge learning curve. If you aren’t Facebook, that kind of user experience is the sudden death for sales. Ease of use is King when we talk about a user experience. Your interface needs to be clean, clear and easy to use. It must offer clear actions to customers and you need a sound organization; otherwise your customers will move on – and they aren’t coming back.
Let us help you make your site user friendly for everyone.

User Experience

We can help you offer the best possible experience to customers.

We can help you structure your site so that the essentials are quickly visible.

We can help you guide your customers to the action you want them to take.

We can create an interface that makes viewers interact with your site.

We can help you create a strategy for customers using your website.

We can help you create an environment to increase sales.

First Impressions Are Everything…

User Experience and User Interface go hand in hand. The interface is the buttons, banners, calls to action and the way in which you display your content. User experience is how your customer experiences your site. If the person viewing your website shuts it down in frenzy, shouting curse words and making gestures at their monitor; there’s something very wrong (it’s usually much more subtle than that, but you get the point). Like any form of customer service, you don’t want to give a negative experience to your customers. So UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface) MUST be a primary concern.
[label style=”label-info”]What good is shopping if you can’t find the checkout line?[/label]
Sadly, you aren’t in a position to judge the usability of your site (neither is your first cousin or your mom). To gauge the user experience we need feedback from complete strangers. If someone understands what you do, or how your site works – they aren’t having the same experience as a first time consumer. Creating a good user experience comes from implementing good strategies that make sure your site is engaging, logical, easy to use and easy to navigate around. It’s also based on testing across users with various expertise and various levels of skill. That is when you truly know you’re providing a broad and positive experience to your customers.
  • Are you offering an easy to use interface for a stranger who has no idea how your site works or what you’re about?
  • Is your message clear?
  • Is there an easy path from learning about you to contacting you to get more information or purchase something?

If you aren’t absolutely positive about the answers to any of these questions – you need some help.In today’s world you have less than 4 seconds or less to engage a visitor. If each interaction they have with your online presence isn’t easy, interesting and sensible the results can yield shopping cart abandonment, site abandonment and ultimately; loss of the sale.

What’s most frightening? They aren’t coming back.


The Conversion Group staffs experts in usability and user experience. We have the skills to implement strategies, which will create a map to guide your customers from introduction to sale. We can conduct usability testing to make sure the strategies are effective, consult with you to build a more effective structure and best of all – we can help to increase your sales!Stop your customers from being in a tizzy; contact us today for a free consultation.