Social Media

The most effective means of advertising is word of mouth and in today’s society, social media IS word of mouth…with a global reach. With this kind of potential at your finger-tips, it’s absolutely essential to get the most out of your social media channels. We have the tools to help you make a big splash in the social media arena!
Learn how to get the most out of your Social Media.


We can help you connect with an audience on a global or local basis.

We can help you navigate various social channels.

We can help you identify your audience and strategies to connect with them.

We can help you convert social interaction into sales.

We can help you set goals and execute strategies to monitor growth.

We can teach you how to handle negative feedback and interactions.

Word of Mouth; With Global Reach…

Everyone has some fluency in social media, even your Grandmother (who can’t program her DVR) knows how and can post something on Facebook or make a tweet, but as a business? You can post, tweet or share all day, but unless you’re engaging your audience and driving sales, then all you’re doing is giving yourself a nasty case of carpel tunnel.[label style=”label-info”] Social Media is all about creating something people WANT to share![/label] Using channels for your business is an entirely different approach from your Grandmothers tweets. When you’re trying to engage an audience as a business, you have to maintain a fine balance between engaging content that will effortlessly drive sales, without being “salesy”. People don’t want an endless barrage of offerings and specials from your company (it’s the new-age version of a vacuum cleaner salesman); they need to connect. You have to make a buzz that will make your company so awesome people are compelled to spread your message. Making a customer feel like they’re being “sold” to, is NOT a way to achieve this. It leads to “blindness” on the part of the consumer, where they just automatically filter it out of their view.You need the skills and the tools to create a campaign of value, with strong strategies, goals and an effective planning to achieve this balance.

The Conversion Group is fluent in all the major social networks, and offers an endless supply of expertise and knowledge to help you every step of the way.So no matter what stage you are in, we can help you though all the stages of growth; from setting up your social network and identifying platforms suited to your business, to continuing a good momentum once you have a good foundation. By the way, social media links are incredibly valuable to your search engine results, as well as to your business. Talk about killing two twitter birds with one stone.

It’s time to get the most out of these readily available opportunities. Get a free Social Media consultation today!