Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With up to 80% of consumers searching online for what they need, it’s essential that your business not only be visible in search engine results, but rank highly so you’re readily available to consumers. We offer a comprehensive approach to your search engine strategy to help you get targeted visitors who are not only interested in your company, but have a better chance of becoming a client.
Don’t miss out on such a great marketing opportunity!

Search Enginge Optimization

We offer solid strategies that help you grow and maintain good rankings.

We are current in our practices and search engine algorithm changes.

We help you identify strengths and focus your optimization towards them.

We offer intelligent website analyses created by a person, not a program.

We offer professional copywriting to help t increase your rankings.

We offer Video SEO and Local and Mobile SEO as well.

We can help you create online blogs and articles to generate better results.

We can help integrate social media to aid sales as well as rankings

Compelling Messages That Get Seen!

Our approach toward SEO services is completely tailored. We never use a “one size fits all” formula or rely on a computer generated analysis. Each business is treated like an individual which means the strategies and goals we set out together are designed to get the results YOU need.

A lot of SEO is reliant on behind the scenes architecture and site structuring to make sure that your webpage is conveying the information that the search engines need, offering clean and crisp coding and loading at a rapid pace.

Excellent copywriting is yet another key component to optimizing your site for search. You must have a clean and compelling message, not only for the search engines, but for the sake of your customer experience. We have a team of copywriters who have the experience to not only engage your visitors, but to write with SEO in mind.

With the search engine rules and best practices in a constant state of evolution, it’s imperative that your SEO Company be current in their practices and information to not only get you high in the rankings, but to keep you there. At The Conversion Group we’re always implementing new techniques and we make it a point to keep our team on the cutting edge, so your business can reap the results.

The Conversion Group has the expertise to send your business to the top.
We offer:

  • Targeted Keyword Analysis
  • Gzip compression (onsite)
  • Relevant Directory Listings
  • Local and Mobile SEO
  • Optimized Customer Review Strategies
  • Targeted Blog, Article & Press Release Writing
  • Consulting and Training
  • Cutting Edge Knowledge of Algorithms and Search Engine Requirements.
  • Social Media Training and Optimization
  • And So Much More…

We strive to offer a comprehensive search engine solution to drive targeted traffic to your site. With a focus on customer service and client interaction, we aim to please.

Organic site traffic is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Contact us today to learn how we can help you be seen online.

Search Engine Strategy

The Conversion Group employs a dedicated and extremely talented team of Internet Engineers, Corporate Marketing Specialists, SEO geniuses, copywriters, social media and marketing gurus, and designers that are so good it’s scary. With this team, we’ll work with you to design a tailored strategy that will get the results you need to flourish.

There is a growing trend for companies and their SEO to have multiple domains or multiple versions of the same site plastered all over the web. At first glance you think ‘Hey, more sites mean more traffic’, but the search engines don’t see it that way anymore. This is something Google, Yahoo! and Bing have begun to see as spamming. You’re trying to push the odds into your favor and in the eyes of a search engine; that’s cheating and you’ll actually drop in the ratings because of it.

In Vegas back in the day, when you were caught cheating, they took all your money, broke your thumbs and sent you on your way. What happens on the web is that you receive substantial duplicate content penalties for re-using content. You’re not supposed to compete against yourself.

It’s nuances like this that make your strategy key to your success and in order to create a successful plan, your provider must understand these ever evolving rules of search in order to help you succeed.

Structural Optimization

Structural Optimization of your site ensures that the users and the automated agents that crawl the web (called spiders) are able to find the relevant content of your site quickly, which in turn gives your pages more authority. The source code on your site is what the spiders read to decide where your site should show up in the rankings (along with many other factors of course). Optimizing your code will ensure that all the important pages of your site are properly indexed and have a quick load time. To help with this we’ll externalize CSS and JavaScript, eliminate white space and comments in the code to help the spiders in finding and indexing your content quickly and efficiently.

We also look at things like changing or renaming URLs to ensure that XML and HTML sitemaps are formatted properly and put in a place where the spiders can find them. We will also retool your Flash-based site navigation into a format that the search engines can read and catalog them. We’ll make it so your navigation structure ensures that when qualified traffic stops at your page, and make sure that the traffic is converted to sales. Identifying your sites conversion points and making sure that the site is structurally sound so it talks to those conversion points to go along with having amazing content is essential.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps needed to make sure that your SEO brings a return on your money. Traffic to your site is never the main goal. Money is. You can have thousands of people pass by your site and a million views, but if no one pulls off that information highway to buy something, then all the traffic in the world isn’t going to help you see any returns on your investment.

Before a SEO project can even start there are several things that have to be figured out. How are people finding your site? Are they buying? When they are on your site, what makes them leave without buying?

The ‘keywords’ that you think sound the best for your business may not be the right keywords to get people to pull off the highway and shop at your site. You can’t just erect giant billboards on the internet as you can on the I-95. The real world doesn’t work the same as the online world.

We will begin by discussing your thoughts on what keywords you think will work for your business. You’ll talk to us about what you want to focus on and we’ll take that information, combine it with our own research, cross check it against your competitors and temper it to take into account the message you want to put forth to the consumer. After all that we’ll give you the right keywords to help put your business on the front page and on top, because let’s face it – how often does a giant billboard saying FIREWORKS HERE! Really work?

Competitive Analysis

There is no one universal formula or one master strategy that is effective for search engine optimization. Finding the right SEO strategy requires detailed competitive analysis. This will compare your site against the other leading and top sites for your desired keywords. The analysis will give you a clear idea on where you rank with the other companies who happen to be playing in the same sandbox.

When we conduct a detailed competitive analysis, we’ll pull from all kinds of facets and factors to determine how strong your site is compared to your competitor’s sites. We take into consideration such things as page rank, page authority, the engagement of your site, age of your domain, as well as targeted keywords and many other factors to figure out exactly where you are on the web, why you’re there and most importantly-how to get you to where you want to be.

The Conversion Group doesn’t use any type of cookie cutter strategies. They don’t exist in the universe of SEO. Every campaign we do is customized to you and your business. We’ll show you everything that’s happening along the way and keep your internal marketing team in the loop with the SEO effort.