Local SEO & Mobile SEO

With more than half the world accessing the internet via mobile technology, you need a company that understands how to make the biggest impact. We have the strategies you need to be found first on mobile devices and in local searches.


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Local and Mobile SEO

Increase your visibility in local and mobile searches.

We can create a mobile site or optimize your existing to better serve you.

Improve your visibility, regardless of current search engine position.

We can set up profiles with search providers, optimized for your business.

We can help identify and implement industry specific mobile sites.

Teach you strategies to receive customer useful feedback and endorsements.

Reviews, Local Listings & More…

The way people are searching for information, products and even their favorite ice cream has changed. Right now 43% of all American Adults who buy from a local business started the search for that product or service using an online map and a whopping 80% of customer’s research online before purchasing in a 10-20 mile radius. Even more staggering, HALF of the connections to the internet are from smartphones. What does this all mean?

Your online marketing MUST be optimized to reach mobile consumers!

Mobile and Local search go hand in hand and impact each other in a big way. The disappointing part is a lot of businesses aren’t aware of the impact that this growing trend is having. When starting to develop your local and mobile SEO, you’ll soon discover that you could be on the very last page of a Google search (which with Google is more pages than most people can count) but show up as a listing close to the user on the first page, if you know how to tweak your listings. This can impact your sales in a massive way.

Take Apple’s Siri for example, when you ask her to search something out, she integrates her searches into YELP, Google, or whoever your map provider might be, to help you find what you’re looking for as close to your current location as possible. If you notice, these results are returned with rankings and ratings as well. Using a site like YELP allows you to showcase your great customer service and products by having real reviews from customers who love your business.

The Conversion Group can help you structure your local presence to be effective both in your community and on mobile devices, as well as train your team(s) to receive good reviews from happy customers, as opposed to letting them leave and then relying on them to remember to leave a good review when they get home. Because let’s face it, the world has become a fast paced place, which leaves little room to remember to write a glowing review of your business after the kids are in bed.

Good reviews, local listings and industry specific sites need to be set up properly to be found in this day and age and this is exactly what we can do for you. We’ll build you a mobile friendly site to help you convert your local and mobile listings into cold, hard, sales. Contact Us today to receive a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you rule the smartphone!