We get excited about how the internet continues to grow and change and at the end of the day, we focus on what is ethical and what we can do without potential negative impacts by the search engines.

– The Conversion Group

// Quick Facts

We aren’t going to use the phrase “combined experience” when describing our teams experience pertaining to Internet Marketing and SEO (that would put us at over 47 years…and well…the Internet has not been around that long). So, without using a lot of flowery statements, let’s just get to the facts:

  • Our Founder was involved with Internet marketing back in 1998. He tends to get nostalgic of the days when Yahoo and AOL were “the portals”. Lycos, AltaVista, and Ask Jeeves were search engines. Oh…yeah…Netscape was the browser to use over Internet Explorer.
  • We get “turned-on” about how the Internet continues to change, and how we need to constantly be aware of our clients goals and not just the latest fads.
    We have the experience of “been there and done that”, when it pertains to the latest methods of improving rankings.
  • At the end of the day, we focus on what is ethical and what we can do without potential negative impacts by the search engines.
  • We value and realize that at the end of the day it is the visitor’s positive experience (ease of use, finding what they are looking for, and performing the “call to action”) that should be the focus for a web site design and social engagement.

Why are we driven to provide measurable results (conversions) for our clients?

We do not sign 1 year, 6 month, nor 3 month agreements. Our agreements are month to month. Therefore; if we do not provide the professionalism, custom strategy, and at the end of the day additional business for our clients; well…then fire us.

By the way, we are not huge fans of cold calling; therefore our success is based on the success, service, and open communication we have with our clients. If they are happy, then they will refer us business and that means no cold calling.

Actions speak louder than words.

We created The Conversion Group with a focus on knowing that if we are completely transparent with our clients and set the right expectations, then we can provide a strategic Internet marketing strategy at a reasonable investment for our clients.

We get excited about how Internet marketing continues to change (and will continue to evolve). Yes at times it is frustrating to our clients and everyone (we are on your side on that one), however that is reality that the Internet will continue to evolve and it is up to us to provide you and your company with a customized strategy that allows you to meet both your short and long term goals. That means you will have a partner/consultant working with you and modifying your SEO strategy based on the latest algorithm changes, as well as changes in technology.

and that is why we named our company The Conversion Group.